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Types of NFTs

The HyFi NFT Marketplace will offer Real Cash Flow Generating NFTs, on full or fractional ownership basis, in 4 major areas

Ownership of Technology Licenses


Commodity Future Supply Contracts


Physical Projects related to Renewable Energy, Environmental, Agricultural and Humanitarian causes.


Other Approved Cases


NFT Technology Licenses for Vertical Markets

NFTs will represent part or full ownership of technology licenses across many horizontal markets.  Each market will include vertical markets such as the Green Hydrogen Industry and its many use cases, Ie; Electric Generation, Marine, Aviation, Transportation and Hydrogen Fueling Station Networks etc.


 for Petrochemical


 for Transportation

Retrofit Thermal Electric

 to Hydrogen


Diesel to Hydrogen

Territorial License NFTs

NFTs will represent part or full ownership of a technology license in a specific geographic territory.

Projects in Renewable Energy, Environmental, Agricultural and Humanitarian Categories

NFTs will be issued to represent an opportunity to invest in projects in the above categories


Renewable Energy Projects

Fossil Fuel based Power plant Retrofits to Green Energy Sources such as Green Hydrogen, Biofuels, Wind, Solar etc

Environmental Projects

Eradicating landfill waste & pollution, ocean plastic waste and pollution, combating deforestation & logging

Agricultural Projects

Agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty.

World Bank

Projects covered will be Construction/expansion of food processing facilities, next generation and environmentally friendly farms and greenhouses.

Humanitarian Projects

Building housing in regions of the world requiring it, new hospital construction, providing clean drinking water.

Commodity Based Future Supply Contracts

More Information

Futures Information

A futures contract is a legal agreement to buy or sell a particular commodity asset at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future.

The seller of the futures contract is taking on the obligation to provide and deliver the underlying commodity at the contract's expiration date. Futures contracts are available for every category of commodity.

Manufacturers and service providers use futures contracts as part of their budgeting process to normalize expenses and reduce cash flow-related headaches. Manufacturers and service providers that rely on commodities for their production process may take a position in the commodities markets as a way of reducing their risk of financial loss due to a change in price.

There are many advantages of futures contracts as one method of participating in the commodities market. Analysis can be easier because it's a pure play on the underlying commodity.

Considering NFTs in other categories such as:



Internet & Computing

Artificial Intelligence


Precious Metals
Precious Gems

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