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HyFi Corp's Management Team

HyFi Corp’s Management Team and Intellectual Property combines the business methodologies of the last 30 years of research & development, licensing of renewable energy technologies, financing of energy projects and the building and ownership of energy facilities, with the last 10 years, working on Blockchain models and its utilization for the energy sector as well as horizontal and vertical markets.

Troy E. MacDonald

Chairman & CEO

Adam Benchaya

President & CMO

Vytautas Kaseta

Blockchain Architecture & Development

Evaldas Bruze

Blockchain Architecture & Development

LInas Butenas

Blockchain Architecture & Development

Thomas Perez

Business Development Executive

Arturas Svirkis

Blockchain Advisor, Strategic Partnerships

Gilles D'Inca

Community Manager

Sharjeel Siddique (Wapinter)

Online Campaign Manager

Mentor Shala

Front-End Director, 3D Artist, UI/UX Designer

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