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HyFi is a U.S. based fintech company that has developed and owns innovative decentralized finances (DeFi) and centralized decentralized finances (CeDeFi) blockchain technology called “HyFi”. We license, operate and enable tokenized economies for various DeFi & CeDeFi Marketplaces. We intend that the marketplaces can be used to offer NFTs, Initial License Offerings (ILO’s), Bridge Loan Offers (BLO’s), Pre-SPAC & Pre-IPO funding, commodities and products from a wide variety of sectors.

The HyFi technology is also a candidate infrastructure for use in the metaverse and play-to-earn GameFi industry. HyFi technology allows users to securely own assets or items and move them across different platforms without the need for a central party’s permission.

The HyFi technology is expected to allow for transparent trading of decentralized assets like NFTs, other token types and digital assets. The DeFi principles are based on the creation of an innovative ecosystem of financial services accessible to anyone with Internet access.

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