Russia Taking a Stand in Global Hydrogen Race

The global drive towards decarbonization of the global economy plays an increasingly significant role in Russia’s strategy for development of its energy and other carbon intensive industries. It has its own renewables, energy efficiency and environmental programs, develops national carbon laws and has major plans for hydrogen. In particular, Russia intends to lead in hydrogen production and export due to its proximity to European and Asia-Pacific markets, resource base and scientific background in hydrogen production, transportation and storage. Global hydrogen market players may look into possible technological and other partnerships with Russian businesses, as well as possible use of special investment regimes and territories that be may adapted for hydrogen production, relevant equipment manufacturing and R&D.

Energy strategy 2035

In June 2020, the Russian Government approved the new Energy Strategy until 2035. The Strategy declared a major goal for Russia to become a world leader in hydrogen production and export. It also established specific export targets of 0.2 million tons by 2024 and 2 million tons by 2030.

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